Holiday house / Villa for rent in Cape Coral, Florida

Dreamlike Villa and holiday houses for rent in Cape Coral, Florida…
Sea, islands and boats in sunny paradise…
A perfect combination for your holidays!
Villas in exclusive design with swimming pool. Our Villas La Favorita and Capricorn are dreamlike holiday homes in Cape Coral, Florida.
The leisure attractions are unbeatable: golfing and cycling, boat rides in the surroundings, excursions to the Everglades (which are nearby) or hiking and boating in the national park of the Everglades.
2-day-trips to Key West or to the Cristal River to see the Manatees, to Disney World in Orlando, to Sea World and to the Universal Studios or to the Kennedy Space Center which is near Titusville on the east coast. This is only a small selection of the large number of excursion destinations which can be reached comfortably by rental car – or even by a rental Harley Davidson for those who prefer travelling in a more nostalgic style!

FloridaFlorida: The climate is mild and warm with a permanent, gentle sea breeze. Statistically, the average rainfall is 30% during the summer months with rainfalls lasting only for a short time. With 33°C, the hottest months are from May until October. The coldest season is from December until February with an average temperature of only 24 °C. Snowfalls are hardly known in the area. Read more

Cape Carol Florida

Cape Coral: Cape Coral is situated on a peninsula in the south west of Florida. The peninsula is connected to the main land by three bridges. It is a paradise for boat enthusiasts, anglers and fans of all kinds of water sports since Cape Coral with its over 600 km of canals has more navigable waterways than any other city in the world. Read more