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Florida – the sunshine state

The climate is mild and warm with a permanent, gentle sea breeze. Statistically, the average rainfall is 30% during the summer months with rainfalls lasting only for a short time. With 33°C, the hottest months are from May until October. The coldest season is from December until February with an average temperature of only 24 °C. Snowfalls are hardly known in the area.

Nature lovers can look forward to visiting three wonderful national parks. All of them are located in the south of Florida, each of them with its individual characteristics. You may go for a day’s hike in the Big Cypress National Preserve and watch the magnificent wildlife or dash through the impressive water-grass-scenery of the Everglades by airboat. Excitement is guaranteed, not only because of the numerous wild creatures such as alligators or Florida panthers. If you like water sports, the Biscayne National Park offers everything that anglers, divers and sports fans wish for. The coral reef is the third-largest worldwide.

Theme Parks in Florida

There are a variety of recreational parks in Florida. Many of them are known worldwide and you should really plan a daytrip there. Theme parks such as Sea World or Walt Disney World are not only great for children, adults are enthused there as well. Most parks in Florida are situated in the surroundings of Orlando. From Cape Coral you can reach Orlando easily via the Interstate 4. If you find it too tiring to visit one of the recreational parks in a day trip, just plan it as an overnighter. There are various inexpensive options, e.g. directly at Walt Disney World or in the suburbs of Orlando.

Sea World

The park is famous for its shows with killer whales and dolphins. In addition, there are various amusement rides, water features and gambling rooms. There is the possibility to participate in a 7-hour-trip on the amusement rides and in close encouters with the animals. Or you enrol in a dolphin nursery close-up course where you learn a lot about dolphins. Even without diving equipment you can dive with sharks (you will dive in a cage).

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World consists of the theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM-Studios, Animal Kingdom Park and the aqua parks Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

Magic Kingdom

This is Disney World’s first theme park. It is home to countless cartoon heroes created by Walt Disney. The park is divided into different areas. In addition, there are various amusement rides for each age group: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Visit the Country Bear Jamboree, a musical or go to the 3D cinema Mickey Philar Magic. You will have a lot of stories to tell.


You can experience the wonders of the world as well as space and you have the opportunity to look into the future. This park is not really suitable for small children. Many of the amusement rides are only permissible with a certain body height. Once you visited the breath-taking amusement rides, take a stroll through the country pavilions where you can get to know the famous buildings and the culture of the respective country. Dishes from the different regions are offered and the visit is really entertaining. Every night there is a 13-minute-lightshow including laser installations and fire shows. Fireworks are illuminating the evening sky while music is playing on earth accentuated by laser shows – a very futuristic experience.


You can look behind the scenes of famous Disney movies. Universal Studios consists of two theme parks. One of them is “Island of Adventure” where you mainly find amusement rides which are related to different film titles. The theme park is divided into 5 islands and structured very technologically. At Universal Studios Florida you find very few amusement rides, interactive shows and cinemas which let you look behind the scenes. Universal Studios Florida is a real film and TV studio. Get to know Walt Disney movies and TV serials from the other side. Experience stuntmen scenes at close hand.

Animal Kingdom

Go for an expedition and get close to nature at Animal Kingdom. Diversification is granted through a few fast-paced amusement rides and colourful live shows. One part of the park is a sort of a zoo. There are exotic animals which you can see on a safari. You can book a room in one of the resorts in the middle of the zoo.

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is a water park. It is a re-created skiing area with 22 water chutes. Amongst other attractions, you find one of the world’s largest and fastest water chutes there. Once you had enough physical activity, you can use the wellness area of this theme park.

Typhoon Lagoon

This is an exotic water paradise with water chutes and rivers. You can even encounter live fishes and adventures are guaranteed.

Kennedy Space Center

A visit to the Kennedy Space Center is a must in Cape Canaveral. There are model rockets and space shuttles of the NASA to be seen in the entry area. Numerous fascinating shows show you to the past, present and future of the NASA space programs. If you are lucky, you can even witness the launching of a rocket.


As the name suggests, the focus is on alligators at Gatorland and you can get really close to the reptiles. You can book different adventure trips and take lots of pictures of your family and the gators. Gatorland is a park with thousands of Alligators, birds, bears and crocodiles. There is a petting zoo for infant children as well.

Cypress Garden

The Tamiami Trail (US 41) is the border between Cypress Garden and the Everglades. Starting from your villa, you take the US 41 and then the Interstate 75. A few miles behind Naples you reach the Alligator Alley. There really are wild alligators. You cannot help seeing small alligators in the grass swamp if you stop at a boat platform. Or you drive through Cypress Garden toward the visitor centre. There you will be able to watch the rather big alligators. You should stop at one of the camping sites on the way. It is amazing seeing an alligator swimming through a small “lake” towards you. Hold on to your children and never feed the alligators!


If your departure airport is Miami, you should definitely plan an overnight stay there before you leave. But also a day-trip from your holiday villa to Miami or to Miami Beach is highly recommendable. Miami is known as connection between North and Latin America and you find the most different cultures there. Miami has become the glamor city of south west Florida. You can reach Miami Beach and its miles long beaches via impressive bridges. Miami Beach is the place for daydreaming. Enjoy a fantastic dinner in a restaurant by the sea with view of Miami’s skyline. Unforgettable!

Miami Beach

South Beach is known for its gorgeous buildings which are located in the Art Deco district. The houses are exceptional regarding shape and colour. Don’t forget your camera – especially at nightfall the variegated play of colours provides magnificent photo subjects. The Art Deco district in South Miami Beach is known as one of the most beautiful ensemble of buildings of the twenties and thirties.

Key West

If you want to visit Key West, you should take your time for the journey. The route across the islands can take some time. On the way to Key West, you should take a break every now and then. There are many beaches offering the opportunity to collect shells or to take a romantic walk on the beach. There are enough things to do in Key West to keep you busy for a few days. Follow Hemmingway’s tracks, visit Truman’s little White House or simply enjoy the hustle and bustle in Key West.

Sanibel & Captiva

Captiva is situated on Captiva Island on Florida’s west coast. Originally, the island belonged to Sanibel Island. A hurricane created a channel which split the islands. Captiva and Sanibel represent pure holidays. The long white sandy beaches seem to be made to laze. Just move along the waterline.

Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is located in the north on the Atlantic coast. The city has a lot of touristic attractions on offer. One of Florida’s most popular place of interest, the spaceport and the Kennedy Space Center can be found here. Rockets are launched from here and in former times the space shuttles of the NASA were departing from here to space as well.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is Florida’s race city. You can watch races of the NASCAR series here. Daytona Beach is also known for its 37 kilometres long beach. You are allowed to drive along the beach slowly by car or motorcycle. There are popular beach parties during the whole year in Daytona.


The Everglades National Park is known amongst tourists for its airboat tours. You drive directly through the swamps with these boats. If you go on a guided tour, you will get to see alligators in their hiding places. Don’t forget to take mosquito repellent with you. It is allowed to do backcountry camping there and to go on excursions on your own. The Everglades National Park is quite an experience, no matter if you go by bicycle, canoe or car. Take your time, you will need it.

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